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Application for Trench Opening

  1. Feet Wide
  2. Feet Long
  3. In Feet
  4. (Conduit, etc.)
  5. (Within 30 Days) Regulation #3 - Read Booklet "Time Limitations" Show Location on Sketch, Name Roads, Distance, etc.
  6. Call 732-929-2124 (24 Hours Prior to Opening Road)

    The Applicant Shall Provide the 1-Call Damage Prevention System Confirmation Number Prior to Excavation
  7. Trench Sketch Format
  8. Final Surface Restoration Shall be as Follows:
    1. Mill across trench and extend 1' minimum beyond edges of trench to a depth of 1" minimum.
    2. Apply tack coat at a rate of 0.08 gallons per square yard.
    3. Place FA-BC surface course 1" thick minimum using paver at a minimum width of 8'.
  9. Amount and Type of Bond Fee Received
  10. Signed
  11. Leave This Blank: