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Special Event Application


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  • Instructions

    1. This Application Must be Completed in Full and Submitted at Least 30 Days Prior to Your Event.

      All questions on this application must be fully answered. If a question does not apply to your event, write "N/A" in the space provided. In order to expedite the processing of this application, attach any diagrams and schedules that you feel would help those reviewing the application. If this event is a walk, run, or race, attach a map showing the route, and start and finish locations, and distances. Note: Neighboring municipalities may need to be notified. Please note that vehicles will not be allowed on the beach and boardwalk, and no distribution of printed materials are allowed on our beach or boardwalk.

      Applications will not be accepted unless there is a schedule of events attached. It is understood that schedules may change between the time of your application and the actual event. It is your responsibility to inform the Borough of Seaside Heights of any proposed changes to the original schedule submitted and receive approval of the changes.

      A Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed and returned with this application along with the Proper Certificate of Insurance. Applicant will provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Borough of Seaside Heights (901 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751) as both certificate holder and additional insured, and in the description box of the certificate of insurance, the date(s) of event must be listed. This Certificate of Insurance must be delivered to the Borough of Seaside Heights or the event will not be considered for approval.