Construction Office

The Construction Office, commonly known as the Building Department, enforces the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code in Seaside Heights.

Anthony Cirz, Construction Official, is assisted by Melissa Nelson, Technical Assistant to the Construction Official, (T.A.C.O.)  Together they oversee all construction, alteration, renovation, rehabilitation, maintenance, occupancy loads, use of buildings, structures and scheduling of all inspections.

Construction Permit Process

All permits are first submitted for approval to the Zoning Officer. ALL PERMITS REQUIRE A ZONING APPLICATION.  (2) Sets of plans are required. Plans are then reviewed by one or more sub-code official(s), depending on the scope of the permit application (e.g., plumbing, mechanical, electric, fire, building). Reviews may take up to 20 business/working days, subject to inspectors’ schedules.

  • Construction Official/Fire Inspector/Sub Code Official – Anthony Cirz  Ext 133                   email:
  • Building Inspector/Sub Code Official – John Gerrity  Ext 123                                                        email:
  • Electric Inspector/Sub Code Official – Jack Greagori  Ext 123                                                email:
  • Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector/Sub Code Official – Marc Panzitta  Ext 123                      email:

Once all plan approvals are satisfied the permit will be released for payment. The permit will be issued and released after all fees are paid. Construction can then begin by the homeowner or licensed contractor and inspections scheduled accordingly.

General Permit Submission Requirements


Please request all inspections in accordance with the technical sub-codes that are part of your permit application and approval. Failure to request inspections and close your permit may result in fines.

Once you have passed all inspections a certificate of occupancy or certificate of approval is issued. The certificate will be mailed to the homeowner listed on the file jacket.

Seaside Heights Inspectors Schedule:

Electrical Monday & Wednesday 9am - 12pm

Building Monday & Wednesday 11am - 2pm

Fire Tuesday & Thursday 8am - 10am

Plumbing Tuesday & Thursday 3pm - 6pm

September 2022 - UCC Adoption of Model Codes & Standards.                                      Visit DCA website for more info:

General Construction Inspections

Construction Submission Flow Chart

UCC Inspection List (Full List)


State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Construction Permit Application Packet and Related Forms

Home Improvement Contractor Registration

Attention: As of January 1, 2006, all home improvement contractors, unless specifically exempted, must be registered with the State of New Jersey. As defined by the statute, a home improvement contractor is anyone who engages in the business of making or selling home improvements including:

  • Altering
  • Demolishing
  • Modernizing
  • Moving 
  • Remodeling
  • Renovating
  • Repairing
  • Restoring

Application forms are available either in the Construction Office or from the State. 

Please note: The Borough of Seaside Heights is prohibited by law to issue a construction permit to any home improvement contractor who is required to be registered and is not registered. For more information about home improvement contractor registration, check out the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs website for forms, information and a current list of licensed contractors.